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Answering Your Most typical Electronic Cigarette Questions

In case you are thinking about switching from regular cigarettes in favor of an electronic cigarette, you probably have loads of concerns. Following all, cigarettes are actually your consistent companion for several years! Before you give all that up, you’ll need to learn exactly what you’re having into.

Worry not. The solutions to these four questions will allow you know what you can count on:

1. “Can I light up inside a bar or restaurant?”

Generally, yes, mainly because you are not in fact lighting something up!

An ecigarette isn’t going to burn anything. Instead, it creates a special vapor that seems, feels and tastes much like real smoke, but is not. Being a outcome, you will not be forced out of non-smoking places in bars and eating places — that means you could hang out along with your good friends, in place of smoking in the parking whole lot!

A different perk to this distinctive vapor is the fact that it is odor-free. So, you may end popping all of individuals breath mints and continuously trying to get that smoke-smell out your outfits and hair.

two. “Does an electronic cigarette have nicotine in it?”

Yes, but that’s about the place the similarities end, ingredient-wise. You will discover a large number of chemical substances inside a common cigarette (you almost certainly didn’t know that). Included in that checklist are dozens of carcinogens (and who doesn’t learn about these?).

An ecig, however, only includes just 5 ingredients — propylene glycol, glycerol, water, nicotine, in addition to a flavoring agent.

Want even much better news? By itself, nicotine is not regarded as a carcinogen.

3. “What about tobacco?

Apart from the lack of smoke, that’s the largest difference in between a classic cigarette and its electrical counterpart. The electronic version does not incorporate any tobacco to burn up. Actually, an ecig isn’t going to burn up something.

4. “Can they truly conserve me cash?”


Give it some thought — when you are finished puffing on a classic cigarette, what do you do? You throw it away!

Nonetheless, e-cigarettes are completely diverse. You reuse the mouthpiece, as well as battery is rechargeable. The sole components you’ll have to be worried about replacing would be the cartridge and also the atomizer, as well as people will final you a whilst. Just about every cartridge is designed to last about provided that a pack of cigarettes, even though just about every atomizer is created to last via the equivalent of a handful of packs of cigarettes.

Additionally, an ecig cartridge will cost you approximately $3.00 just about every. Using a pack of cigarettes costing around $6.00 to $10.00 per pack, the typical two pack daily smoker can save thousands of bucks a year by switching to an electronic cigarette.

Imagine simply how much funds you may conserve when you weren’t continuously operating out for extra smoking supplies!

And there’s yet another important thing to recollect. If you use an electronic cigarette, it can be not topic to the same taxes that a common cigarette is. So, you will get to save all the more money!

Gino Ferrare is Chief Advertising and marketing Officer for InLife products, which consists of the InLife and NicMaxx electronic cigarette . An ecigarette can also be recognized as an ecig.

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