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New Natural Plant-based E-liquid May Enhance Function in Men

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On Sep. 29th, 2015, Huizhou KIMREE Technology CO., LTD., which has submitted the NASDAQ listing report successfully, launched a new natural Tongkat Ali-based e-liquid. Preliminary experiments show that the e-liquid may enhance function in men.

The e-liquid’s main ingredient is from Malaysian Tongkat Ali extracts. Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub, which grows in Southeast Asia‘s rainforests in sandy soil near the equator. Tongkat Ali has the reputation for naturally enhancing male function. Drinking Tongkat Ali coffee is an ancient custom in Malaysia. With a variety of effects, Tongkat Ali roots, bird’s nests and tin products together are called the three treasures of Malaysia. Modern medical studies have shown that Tongkat Ali roots (especially the core) contain many phytochemicals ingredients which can naturally enhance the production of testosterone.

The e-liquid uses the pure natural plant and effectively extracts Tongkat Ali plant essentials, and ensures easy absorption. These essentials are known for enhancing and boosting production of testosterone in men, and therefore boosting male virility. Preliminary experiments have shown that the e-liquid used in the constant temperature STL (Straight to Lung) e-cigarette will not affect the primary efficacy.

With help of constant temperature STL e-cigarette, the pharmaceutical active ingredients of Tongkat Ali-based e-liquid can quickly enter the body through the respiratory tract and lungs to help enhance testosterone production. This quick entry system is designed as a fast acting male enhancement, when compared with other pharmaceutical products that may take as long as 30 minutes to work.

For KIMREE electronic cigarettes’ future development, the chairman Andre said, as the greatest invention of the century, electronic cigarette’s main significance is not only vaping, but also promoting the respiratory absorption of active ingredients in the e-liquid. On one hand, electronic cigarettes help smokers refresh at work and combined with medical technology, electronic cigarettes can bring new vitality for men. In the future, KIMREE will improve the medical research and development team, and strengthen the cooperation with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies with more than 3,000 hardware patents, research to use the technology for the electronic cigarette on the treatment of respiratory diseases and other medical fields.

Andre stated, the e-liquid preliminary experiment was testing via constant temperature STL electronic cigarette device. So, in order to get the desired results, he recommends using the e-liquid with the constant temperature STL electronic cigarette device.

If you have any feedback or questions or ideas please email at sales@kimree.com; KIMREE’s looking forward to hearing from you!

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SOURCE Huizhou KIMREE Technology Co., Ltd.

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