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EGO Electronic cigarette

  • EGO packing Description:
    1) 5 pcs disposable cartridges
    2) 1 reusable atomizer
    3) 2 manual batteries
    4) one charger
    5) an English Instruction
  • Product Description

    1. EGO Electronic cigarette are promoted as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking.

    2. E-cigarette advertisers will be allowed in the UK to show their products on television from Nov. 2015. Find more Electronic Cigarette Reviews on EGO Electronic cigarette before buying.

    3. British American Tobacco is the world’s second largest cigarette manufacturer, which also produces e-cigarettes.


    Product Parameter

    Brand Kimree
    Total length 118mm
    14mm 14mm
    Unit Weight(1 Cigarette) 0.028kg
    Battery Color Black/White/Silver


    EGO packing Description:
    1)  5 pcs disposable cartridges
    2)  1 reusable atomizer
    3)  2 manual batteries
    4) one charger
    5)  an English Instruction

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