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New Hampshire is definitely the most recent state to push for a ban on minors from paying for e-cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette Nation Supports these measures in full.

You’ll find two necessary factors that this is often great news:

one) We will not choose to see minors commence smoking anything at all (analog cigarettes, e-cigarettes, unlawful medicines, etc.)

two) When electronic cigarettes are accepted to become for grownups only, there is no motive to ban them altogether unless of course you ban analog cigarettes (that wont transpire)

The interesting thing about this story, the youth are the ones proposing it. The large school students are shocked that their peers can walk right into a retailer and invest in an electronic cigarette today. E-cigarettes had been created as an choice for smokers rather than for someone to start out. These have assisted a huge volume of tobacco consumers toss their analog cigarettes aside when and for all.

Electronic Cigarette Nation has taken a powerful stance in prohibiting product sales to minors and will carry on to promote this trend. When you have any queries or would like to assistance, please feel cost-free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com today.

UPDATE:Other states have began passing bans on minors from utilizing e-cigarettes. This can be a terrific step to prevent minors from turning out to be addicted to nicotine!

UPDATE: The AAPHP has proposed that the FDA approve e-cigarettes and suggests that they could decrease deaths from 400,000 a 12 months to almost ten,000 a yr. This is staggering and we really should join the bring about! For those who would like to know far more, please make contact with us!

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