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What Advantages of Use Kimree E-Cigarettes?

Smokers know that traditional smoking is harmful to their health. Yet, for some it is a relaxing or social experience they are not ready to give up. Beyond addiction to nicotine, there are rituals many smokers enjoy that delay their quest to seek ways to stop. Modern technology has a way of catching up and making our lives just a little easier. Possibly one of the greatest new discoveries is that of the electronic cigarette.

The Kimree electronic cigarette is basically a device that looks like a cigarette, delivers smoke and nicotine, and allows the smoker to enjoy the smoking experience. So if the smoker is still smoking, how can there be advantages?

To begin, because the Kimree electronic cigarette is electric, it runs on batteries. This means no lighters, no matches, and no actual flame. At the end of most Kimree e-cigarettes is a small light that glows when taking a puff. If you are to drop it or put it down, there is no fire to catch onto anything. Batteries give three advantages. There is no flame so fires are less likely to occur. The consumer will no longer need to purchase lighter fluid, lighters or matches, making for much less pollution. And the batteries are rechargeable, also adding to less waste.The smoke emitted from an Kimree e-cigarette is not really smoke but just a vapor. It lasts just long enough to give the appearance of being smoke, but quickly disappears into thin air. There is no hovering cloud of smoke or second hand smoke. Since there is no smoke, the smell does not permeate clothing, hair, and surroundings like real smoke. No second hand smoke makes the use of Kimree electronic smoking devices safe around friends and family. The lack of saturating or offensive odors and no dangerous emissions makeJaunty e-cigarettes sociably friendly.

A cartridge for the Kimree electronic cigarette can last the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. When comparing waste left behind from smoking, this cartridge uses far less resources than the production and waste left from even one pack of cigarettes. Instead of as many as 40 cigarette butts and 2 empty boxes, there is one small cartridge and mouthpiece. This makes for savings in personal space when traveling. Gas is saved in the transport of product refills. And landfill pollution has just been greatly reduced. While the cost of tax on tobacco increases, the cartridges used with smoking an Kimree e-cigarette are not subject to those taxes.Kimree E-cigarettes can cut the cost of smoking in half or more. In addition, patches and other quit smoking medications can be just as expensive as cigarettes.

While the e-cigarette has not been proven to be an official smoking cessation device, it does provide a healthier alternative to smoking without the side effects caused by the patch and medicines. A smoker can cut their smoking costs in half and reduce the risks of tobacco smoking by avoiding those 4000 toxins found in regular cigarettes.

Finally, because Kimree electric cigarettes are not considered smoking, they are legal in more places. This means you can use the device in some restaurants and places where it is unacceptable to smoke. This alone could be the biggest advantage to a smoker. Many apartments and rentals require non-smoking tenants. Users of e-cigarettes are not considered smokers.

These advantages are just the beginning. Perhaps with research, e-smoking can eventually be used as a successful replacement for smokers, and lead to permanent nicotine reduction for those wishing to do so in the future. For now, it is definitely something for every smoker to consider as a better, healthier way to smoke.

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